Healers vs Doctors ~ Herbs vs Medicine

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Alice:  “I think you might do something better with the time than waste it in asking riddles that have no answers.”

Hatter:  “If you knew Time as well as I do you wouldn’t talk about wasting it.”

–  –  –

The human race has lived upon this planet for about 200,000 years.

Pretty much since our forefather’s very first breath we as a race have required some form of medical attention. Whether it was to stitch up a wound from a rather ravenous carnivorous dinosaur bite, or cool us down after going all feverish from some small germ infestation.

During most of these past 200,000 years our human health has been entrusted to naturalists, herbal doctors, recluses who live in thatched huts deep in the woods, voodoo practitioners, witch doctors, as well as the loving intentions of our very own sweet grandmothers and their home remedies.

Physicians, as an organized profession, have been around a lot less time. Yet, during their brief presence they have pretty much taken over the entire world’s health care. Under their influence possibly billions of people have been healed. All thanks to doctors, men, women, elderly, children – people we care deeply about, have lived to smile, to hug, to breathe, to dance, to survive another day.

However, the next time you are with your doctor see if they are willing to discuss ancient religious approaches for healing your illness. Not likely. Yet you might be surprised to learn that the modern practice of medicine is founded upon it.

Before any doctor can be a doctor each one must say the ‘Hippocratic Oath’.  Hypocrites lived quite a long time ago and was famous for saying,  “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.  His oath each and every physician must swear includes:

“First do no harm”

The logo symbol for a physician, for medicine and for health care is of a serpent encircling a staff, shown above.

This symbol, the ‘Rod of Asclepius’, is an ancient esoteric image with many religious roots, but it basically refers to ‘kundalini’. The awakening or healing of our soul as a living conscious energy that rises up through our individual chakras by climbing, like a serpent, up the staff or rod of our spine.

Why would a profession that prizes itself on cold modernity and hard science, with its roots in Descartes who compared the human body to a machine, swear an oath to a long dead Greek who placed diet above anything else, and display on their lab coats and business cards such an ancient esoteric symbol?

Perhaps the answer to that question can be better understood by looking at a larger life perception. Similar to what outwardly might seem very contradictory within the modern medical profession, our very existence is comprised of many dual aspects that do not always seem to blend or mix well, but need the presence of each other in order to survive.

Our left brain vs our right, for example:
Try seating both of them in the same room and see if they get along.

Man vs woman:
“Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.”

Left wing vs conservative:
“Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” screams one to the other.

Neither side ever seems to understand the other. And often they wish the other would just simply go away.

Physicians, reading this and suspecting that I might be writing something positive about naturalist, will scoff. Naturalists, reading this and suspecting that I might be stating respectful commentary about medical doctors, will firmly believe that I have sold my soul. However, like the “1’s” and “0’s” that make up our computer code, or the two strands that form our DNA ~ our basic genetic makeup, without one (“1″) the other will come to nothing (“0″). Today, despite their objections, both sides need each other.

To be a little sympathetic . . .

Physicians, even with the best of intentions, are often saddled with incredible student financial debt, as well as the costs of paying for expensive medical insurance, the expenditures of operating a business, and those compounding expenses which can build up over time during the course of their lives. These often force the most parsimonious doctor to work twice the number of hours they ever wanted or intended. To make certain they receive sufficient income doctors are compelled, legally and financially, to diagnose their patients and write prescriptions for only those treatments and medications that will actually be reimbursed by a very strict government run health care and insurance coverage system. Few doctors have the time or personal financial freedom, or life freedom, to pursue sincere deeper esoteric studies aimed at understanding the very essence of healing.

That fleeting lofty inspirational moment is most often lost the first day an aspiring med student steps into med school.

In a more perfect world – one I sincerely wish we lived in, doctors, who are so vital to our very existence, would receive a free education. They would be given all the medical supplies they need. A nice office in which to start their practice. Basically, a stress-free life so that their entire focus can be all about the care of their patients:


Until that day arrives our doctors’ decisions may not be entirely free from more self-serving financial influences, which can be absolutely pervasive in their careers.

Naturalists, who often disdain modern medicine, might feel they follow a higher path. One that is ‘closer to nature’ or ‘to God’. However, they have had nearly 200,000 years to prove the perfection of their philosophy. This 200,000 year old short fall on their part is why doctors now rule. Yet the very root of modern medicine can be traced back to exactly that which naturalists believe in. This even includes many of today’s modern medicine miracles being not much more, even today, than the professional packaging of the roots, leaves and berries that were the original source for pain relief or birth control local natives used for generations, which millions of pharmacy customers now ingest in capsule and pill form, believing that what they are buying in bottles sealed with child-proof caps were all conceived in a lab by a group of modern visionary scientists somewhere.

Today, patients suffering from wounds and cancer might be placed by their physicians inside an oversized oxygen tank. The increased amount of concentrated oxygen can speed up the healing process, something natural healers have known for decades. It took a ‘multi-million dollar’ machine being marketed and sold to hospitals to convince hospital administrators to have their on-staff physicians now utilize this approach. Or, something much more simple, and far less expensive:  Bandage patches that are coated with honey, specifically Mānuka honey, are being applied to open wounds because ‘honey’ – just honey – can really speed up the healing process of resistant open wounds.

All of which should give doctors pause before they judge alternative healing methods too harshly. And give naturalists a reason to smile.

To summarize,

The two practices, even though they may silently glare at each other across the room, are eternally intertwined. They both need each other.

If you are facing cancer, I, personally, would recommend that you explore everything from each side. Listen to everyone. Consider everything.

For a living cell in one’s body to suddenly start corrupting, dying and destroying everything all around it, the root of this condition may be far deeper and the healing of it far more complex than what a couple of visits to the hospital can offer as a cure. It might be very wise to investigate, deeply, a great many other options for total healing ~ of body, mind, and especially one’s spirit.

The body is not always a machine.

I have the deepest respect toward doctors and the medical profession. However, I have personally been made aware that the total approach to healing may require something a bit beyond what a modern-taught doctor can prescribe. The posts contained within this website suggest ‘alternative’ healing approaches which I have personally experienced, and either believe in, or openly share my doubts about in order to be fully honest with you while you are in the midst of your difficult personal struggles. I want you to make wise, fulfilling decisions, and not be led astray.

Even more –  If, while trying any of what I am suggesting inside this website you do not feel it is working for you, let it go. Try something else. As well, if you have discovered an approach which I do not mention but it is something you fully believe in and have received positive results from,  please share it with me so that I can offer it to others.

I wish you, with all my heart and soul, the very best in healing, and in life.

~  Hans Carl Clausen  ~