For You

Let’s find a way for you to heal your cancer naturally.

To become completely cured. To become even more vibrant with health.

What causes cancer? What inspires an otherwise normal cell inside a human body that has been healthy since childbirth to suddenly become aggressive. To start converting otherwise nearby healthy cells to also become equally aggressive, until as a unified force they start to devour the human body, bit by bit, until one is dead?

Is it the diet we eat? Is it our environment? Breathing, swallowing, touching, being exposed to something carcinogenic? Is it stress? Is cancer caused by some unwanted bruise to a sensitive gentle part of our body? Is it an unresolved debt from some previous lifetime?

Is cancer un-stoppable? Un-beatable?

Today’s ‘modern medicine’ utilizes two primary approaches:

radiation – and – chemotherapy

Often combined with surgery. For some, this does bestow a cure. Following a prolonged period of feeling sick, possible hair loss, a diminished appetite. Then, one day, one’s cancer has vanished. Allowing one to return home, while advised to keep an ever watchful eye over one’s health to insure their cancer never returns.

But are there other ways to cause cancer to disappear? Perhaps in a manner that is less troubling to our bodies? Having less debilitating symptoms while one is being treated? Where one is not only healed, but one’s overall health is enhanced so that one is not only cured, but improved?

I describe several ‘alternative’ healing approaches to curing one’s cancer, a few I have personally witnessed and believe in.

It is my hope that these alternative healing suggestions, and others I will be adding in the future, will bring optimistic comfort to those who are suffering. Inspiring one’s own individual search for a meaningful, personal and real cure.

~  Hans Carl Clausen  ~






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