Honey made from the native Mānuka bush of New Zealand and Australia is like no other:  anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory. It offers a myriad of marvelous magnificent healing.

Mānuka honey can be used as dressing on a wound. It immediately reduces both pain and inflammation. It can be served on a spoon. Slowly swallowed it serves as an excellent healing and nutritional supplement. Soothing the throat. Fighting gastritis and gingivitis. It can repair the colon as it boosts your immunity. It can even be used as a facial mask and inspire your skin to look baby fresh.

A monofloral honey siphoned from the nectar of the mānuka tree, it could be just the sweetness you deserve.

honey honey, let me feel it, aha, honey honey
honey honey, don’t conceal it, aha, honey honey


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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