Om Mani Padme Hum….

There are ‘urban myths and legends’ which describe how a doctor might accidentally read the medical chart of the wrong patient, a patient who was not suffering from cancer, and believe they were reading the chart of their cancer-ridden patient. Convinced their patient’s condition had suddenly, unexpectedly, gone into remission, the doctor would rush in to their patient’s hospital room to tell their patient the good news. The patient would then check them self out of the hospital and go home to resume their normal life. Believing what their doctor had just told them – that they were completely cured – they would be. Living a long life afterward completely cancer-free. All because of plausible mental suggestion.

There are filmed documentaries in which physicians have instructed very young patients to use their vivid imaginations to envision the healthy cells in their bodies taking the form of, for example, ‘Star Wars Jedi’, and have those healthy ‘Jedi’ cells attack and annihilate their bad ‘Darth Vader’ cancer cells. These young children, using only their imaginations, would begin to show signs of remission sufficient to actually reverse their cancer. All due to the power of mental suggestion.

Mediation is, among other things, the ability to focus one’s attention, with the intent to remove mental distractions, achieve a higher more perceptive clarity, heal one’s mind, body and soul, and, for some, to attain the ultimate goal of finding a ‘oneness with God’.

If, while facing illness, one pursues such mental focus by utilizing the tools of meditation in order to assist in one’s healing, what could be the harm?

If, while doing so, one does achieve complete oneness with God, well then, problem solved.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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