The Grape Cure

Vintage?  Clarity?  Typicity?

To heal cancer, these means for assessing a grape’s quality may not be paramount. But according to Johanna Brandt, a South African physician from the 1920’s, it was decidedly important whether the grapes were seeded, and organic.

When faced with her own stomach cancer, Dr. Brandt developed a diet for healing comprised primarily of grapes, grape juice, and the purest of waters (definitely not ‘tap’, too déclassé!). Using grapes to heal illness was not new during her time, she was just extremely insightful. And willing to be her own patient.

She summarized her success in her very popular, ‘The Grape Cure’.  It has true fans who have followed its tutelage with significant success, as well as also incorporating additional research accomplished by others since her original efforts one century ago.

Much like sub-atomic particles were understood to exist by the ancient Greeks before we as an ever evolving human race had the actual means to scientifically confirm such things, Dr. Brandt perceived the healing ability of grapes before science had the means to break down a grape’s composition and truly understand why grapes heal. Grapes, science has learned, are filled with nutrients that can actually ‘kill’ cancer. Nutrients which can stop the spread of cancer. Nutrients which help detoxify.

And, they taste good. If you had to make a choice, wouldn’t you prefer imbibing and manducating something that is both fun and refreshing while revivifying your health?

So let us raise a toast, to a brave and courageous female doctor from yesteryear.
Cheers, and ‘down the hatch!


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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