Gerson Therapy

A carrot on a stick, or rather, in a juice . . .

Dr. Max Gerson, suffering from inexorable migraine headaches while working as a young doctor in Germany, finding no cure in any form from ‘modern medicine’, read an ancient text that applauded the benefits of eating healthy.

Desperate, Dr. Gerson experimented on himself, changing his more traditional German diet to a bit more vegetarian fare. From bratwurst to beet juice. The results were positive. His patients noticed his improvement and asked him, their physician, to do for them what he’d done for himself. Working in a hospital he began feeding some, then a few more, very ill patients very healthy food. They began to feel better. But even more significant, they began to be cured of their many diverse debilitating ailments.

Time passed, and Dr. Gerson began offering his healing diet to those who were dying from cancer. To his satisfaction and pleasure as a physician, he observed that by eating extremely healthy foods that are filled with nutrition one can actually reverse what had been even very severe forms of advanced cancer.

Imagine!  Eating healthy can make you healthy.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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