Healing Spas

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”

If your brawl with cancer has brought you a moment of positive respite, and you have a little bit of money left in your bank account, why not celebrate your victory by relaxing for a brief stay in a beautiful spa.

Spas are often built around where once existed a healing wellspring. A font the local natives and early inhabitants drank to be healed by the water’s nutritive minerals. Or where they bathed in wonderfully relaxing thermal springs.

Gorgeous resorts are now situated around where these springs once stood surrounded only by nature. Today you can check in to a truly luxurious room and sleep in a soft feather bed. Regain your strength by dining in a beautiful cafe or an elegant restaurant where only healthy fare is served. Relax and feel invigorated with wonderful massages, yoga classes, walks in local woods and forests, deserts and mountains. Imbibe, bathe, be spritzed, goosed, and generally ‘paddle in the puddle’ of the local healing waters.

If you have a moment of healing success happening in your life right now, you deserve a reward. Celebrate by treating yourself, and the one you love who has been taking such loving care of you, to a wonderful healthy healing vacation.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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