Tummy Troubles?

Growls and gurgles and gas, oh my!

Often while fighting cancer, no matter the approach, our tummies may not be feeling their best.

We may experience gas, some pain, nausea, discomfort. And, all too often, this can happen in the middle of the night.

Are you hesitant about asking the person who is helping you, who may be sleeping right now, to run down to the local pharmacy ‘one more time’ for that little pill or pink bottle?  

Here are a few natural alternatives that really help to settle one’s stomach.

_ _ _

“Peppermint Tea”

Generally, when one’s tummy is challenged it’s good to avoid mints in any form. But peppermint tea is truly the exception. It works wonders on an upset stomach. The next time you’re in a health food store or even your corner grocery store I recommend your purchasing some. Either in tea bags, or if you really wish to experience the more traditional approach, keep in your kitchen some (organic) loose leaf tea and a stainless container in which to seal and sift. Warm the water – never boil! Add a little sugar to your cup (‘organic’ is always best), and sip. And then feel the warmth take over your tummy, settling everything. Allowing you to once again relax, pain free, your tummy very happy.

_ _ _


If you are a traditionalist and prefer taking a capsule or a pill, may I recommend Pancreatin. A digestive enzyme that really works. Take one or two capsules with a glass of water and you will be surprised how quickly your tummy will settle.

(It comes from pigs, so you vegetarians out there may wish to consider something else)

_ _ _


Kudzu, or Kuzu Root, is a starch that, when mixed with warm water, will turn from white to invisible. Drink while it’s mildly warm, its essentially taste-less. And you will be surprised how calm and gentle it can make one’s tummy feel.

_ _ _

I often think of the tummy as the engine room that runs our starships ~ I am ‘a guy’.  Without a happy tummy, when our stomach isn’t working very well, the rest of our body just simply slows down, making us very vulnerable to starship attacks….!


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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