Hidden Healers

Do you have a little ‘Indiana Jones’ in you?

It may be hard to imagine in our overwhelming lives, ones in which we are so attached to our cell phones and always checking our social media, that there are places in this world where a few individuals live in isolated tranquillity and peace. Where their lives, by comparison, make that famous Walden Pond squatter come off as nothing more than a hard-rocking rude and nosy busy-body.

These rare and exceptional individuals might reside deep in a secluded rain forest. Or perhaps high up on a steep mountain perch. They could be lost on an island well off any marine chart. Or in a remote desert area a camel can’t even find.

But there are real healers in this world. Healers who live very much alone. Who are, in this world, in a word, amazing.

They work with plants. They work with the help of the moon. They work with their hands. They work with the aid of spirits. But one thing that is true –

Their magic truly and mysteriously does work.

If you have a little adventure in you, and you own a good GPS, some hiking boots, a flashlight, a satellite phone, and you’re very open to a risk taking, possibly a dangerous, perhaps even a perilous and precarious escapade, there might be a healer somewhere out there in this world who is waiting for you.

Don’t be surprised when you find him that he might already have a warm tea pot and several tea cups set out on a table waiting to share with you, and a bed area already prepared for you – because he knew you would be arriving that day.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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