Harry Hoxsey

“Living in the country . . .”

Back in 1840 out on the Hoxsey Illinois farm, Harry Hoxsey’s great grandfather figured out how to cure one of his prized horses of cancer simply by watching what his horses preferred to eat when they felt sick. From that this fella developed a concoction of healing herbs that were secretly passed down family member to family member, generation after generation, but consistently always had the ability to miraculously cure both farm animals and family. Harry, respecting the deathbed wish of his own father, took their family secret health recipe public.

Opening his first Illinois clinic in 1924, by 1936 Harry Hoxsey had private healing clinics in 17 states. His healing methods were endorsed by doctors, senators and judges. His clinics were successful simply because his healing method worked. When Harry refused to sell his secret family recipe to the AMA, however, the medical establishment literally drove Harry Hoxsey out of town, and out of the country.

His legacy lives on – in the BioMedical Center in Tijuana Mexico, where it was run for many years, until her passing, by Mildred Nelson, Harry’s most trusted nurse and assistant since 1946.

His legacy still opens its front doors every day to warmly welcome the many many people who arrive seeking healing, health and hope.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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