Do you remember your grandmother’s pin cushion? Watching her as she would poke it again and again with her long sharp sewing needles? Until it looked just like a porcupine? A visit to your local acupuncturist and, well, that pin cushion is ‘you’.

Strangely, if the acupuncturist has done their craft well your body can be simply covered with needles – but you won’t feel a bit of pain. You’ll even feel better than you did before.

Originating from China thousands of years ago, the human body was envisioned as a map for meridian lines and energy flows. When one’s flow is blocked, by illness or accident, a body can be made whole again by inserting fine needles into the appropriate acu-points situated in very specific settings throughout the body.

Because acupuncture has proven to ease such negative symptoms as headache, physical pain, anxierty and nausea, hospitals are now offering it complimentary as part of their cancer treatment. A little chemo, a tasty cookie, and a whole bunch of needles stuck in you. 21st Century medicine!

I have personally experienced acupuncture, and drunk the worst-tasting-tea-ever that was concocted for me in a brown paper bag the ancient-looking Chinese herbalist handed to me, and I have to say that for me it works. The healing was very real. It did what medicine could not do. And it lasted.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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