Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

“Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking”

Zé Arigó of Brazil barely dropped out of third grade before working in a local mine. As an adult he began suffering headaches and experiencing trances. Inner visions revealed to him that he was ‘channeling’ a Dr. Fritz. That is when Arigó could suddenly pick up a nearby object, including a rusty old kitchen knife, and begin performing mystical surgeries on people, including the removal of cancerous tumors.

Arigó has since passed on. But Brazil is well known for hosting a number of home grown clairvoyants and psychics. Such as Carlinhos and Jucelino, both of whom can predict the future with great accuracy. Or Luiz Antônio Gasparetto, who remarkably channels several famous deceased artists all at the same time, capturing each of their individual styles with amazing accuracy. Or João de Deus (‘John of God’) who not only continues the tradition of psychically healing ‘incurable’ disease, but also helps those who visit him to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Essentially giving everyone who visits him a wonderful time.

Spiritualism, where spirits from the beyond work through the minds and bodies of the living, has long been an accepted religion in Brazil. Allowed to grow and evolve unconstrained in a tolerant and accepting atmosphere, one can visit the beautiful country of Brazil and not only receive a nice suntan on your most intimate and private body parts, enjoy delicious food and dance to fun music, but also speak with your deceased grandmother while having a tumor mystically removed. That is an amazing vacation package!


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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