Rev Marcos Orbito

I have no words I can say with respect to how I feel about my meeting Rev Marcos Orbito. My encounter with him was so spectacular.

He warmly invited me into his home, where I stayed with him, and shared with his family, for what seemed like an infinite moment over a period that lasted weeks, remaining eternally unforgettable.

During daily discussions he would tell me true stories about his family, his parents, his brothers and sisters. Inspiring me to believe that the Orbito family may just be the most remarkable, the most amazing family of healers and mystics to have ever graced this planet over the entire history of the world.

Could he heal cancer? Yes, and he could do so much more. But sadly he has passed on from this world, the result of old age.

This website is not about ‘me’.  It’s to aid and assist ‘you’.

But to convey just a smidgeon of my experience while living with Marcos and what he would do with his bare hands I am including a few photos of him performing ‘psychic surgery’ on me.

Please click  HERE  to read more.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –






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