Have you ever wondered what all the celebrities are eating?
That’s keeping them looking thin, youthful and vibrant?

George Ohsawa conceived this oriental based diet all the way back in the 1930’s. A method of eating comprised primarily of grains, beans and kelp, and counting each mastication until reaching at least the number ’50’ before swallowing what one has been singularly focused on munching and crunching. Which significantly cuts down on any social conversation or joking at the dinner table.

The intent is to constantly cleanse one’s colon with the belief that a bad diet is a major cause of cancer and a high fiber diet will reverse it. To eat as much in-season foods as possible, but not necessarily locally seasonal to where ‘you’ might be living in the world.

George Ohsawa must have been a compelling individual. A single conversation with Mr. Ohsawa inspired the founder of Aubrey Organics to start his entire line of healing products. I, personally, enjoyed when Mr. Ohsawa once stated that eating white rice isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just that you must eat at least five servings of white rice in order to receive the same nutritional benefit as a single serving of brown. Pragmatic, supportive, and not all that judgmental.

Michio Kushi, assisted by his wife, Aveline, who served as ‘chef’, took over the Macrobiotic Foundation. Under Michio’s guidance macrobiotics expanded worldwide to attract possibly millions of followers. I have personally privately met with Michio Kushi inside his Brookline office and found him to be a positive encouraging individual. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet privately with many of macrobiotics’ top counselors, all of whom were instructional, informative, and extremely giving of their time.

Sadly, Michio Kushi’s wife Aveline, as well as their daughter, would pass away as a result of cancer. Later, Michio Kushi would succumb to cancer, as well. An unfortunate ending to a hopeful legacy.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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