‘Two doctors walked into a bar. . . .’

For Norman Cousins, editor of The Saturday Review and close friend of Allen Funt, creator of ‘Candid Camera’, that might be the start for a real process of healing.

Faced with a painful debilitating disease, but gifted with a naturally positive attitude in life, Mr. Cousins asked his close friend to bring a movie projector and reels of comedic ‘mm’ film into his hospital room. There the two men would share a good laugh together several minutes each day. With the positive result that Norman Cousins began experiencing less and less pain. And ultimately, combined with his eating healthier and doing healthier things in life, Mr. Cousins becoming cured.

Dr. Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams would agree. Founder of ‘The Gesundheit! Institute’, Patch Adams, if the movie about him in which he is portrayed by the legendary Robin Williams is true, would often get into lots of riotous trouble with the Keystone Cops, or rather, the hospital administrators where he was employed, because he very seriously believed that lightness and levity would bring happiness and inspire healing in his patients.

Medical centers where cancer is being treated are recognizing that laughter is a complimentary, all natural healing ‘medicine’. A wonderful gift each of us is born with. One that can lift our spirits. Help us to feel happy and hopeful. And cause all those cancerous sour-pusses to stop being such Debbie Downers.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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