“You are getting sleepy…..”

Dr. Brian Weiss, while treating a female patient of seemingly insufferable phobias, placed her under hypnosis. Still unable to assuage her fears he suggested for his patient to go back to that moment in time when her phobia first began. To his surprise, she traveled back to a moment in time hundreds of years before she, or he, or even you and I, was born into this lifetime. Recalling a triggering event in her then ‘past life’ Dr. Weiss’ patient’s phobias began to disappear in this one.

Expanding the use of hypnosis as part of his practice in exploring his patient’s past lives Dr. Weiss observed that, in addition to emotional and mental afflictions being alleviated, actual physical cures took place, as well. Including the reversal of cancer.

I have personally hypnotized others, discovering how profound we are inside each one of us as human souls upon this planet. Filled with near infinite untapped power, abilities and perception that could help us truly achieve just about anything positive we might wish for. Including our becoming healed.

What Dr. Weiss learned, by recalling that root moment of what caused the mental crisis that lead to that deep debilitating state within a person, one can become cured, even on a physical level.


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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