Holy Pilgrimages to Healing Shrines

“Bernadette, people are searchin’ for
the kind of love that we possess
Some go on searchin’ their whole life through
And never find the love I’ve found with you”

Oops!  Wrong ‘Song of Bernadette’ . . .

At Lourdes, Bernadette, a weak infirmed impoverished young French girl, became miraculously healed after meeting an emanation of pure holiness. That spot, which had been her small village’s grotto where all the local garbage was dumped, emanated a holy spring. A font of the purest of water which has, ever since, healed thousands of true believers.

Healing Shrines exist all over the world. And offer solace to every religious faith. No true believer, no matter their religion, is refused admission where God is the host. For thousands of years thousands of people have experienced miraculous healings in these sacred settings.

Me included. In one, on a day when I was suffering from a myriad of concerns, I walked through a garden where a real man of God once lived, and unexpectedly found my tummy feeling better. I was so distracted in my thoughts I hadn’t been paying attention to the pain I’d been feeling down there. That little gift gave me the inner strength to step back out into the world and confront all of my bigger problems, victoriously.

I’ve also visited the holy setting where Rose of Lima lived in Peru. Two friends, who had no idea what to expect, accompanied me. As I strolled the gardens where Rose had come to know God my own spirit became elevated. My friends kept remarking how ‘sleepy’ they felt. Which made me smile. Their stress was evaporating, and they didn’t understand why. I have had other similar uplifting feelings and healings in other spiritual settings here and there around the world.

However, when dealing with an inner illness that can be fatal, I wish to share a humorous yet also moral parable Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of ‘Love, Medicine and Miracles’, once shared with me and a few others:

“A man lay dying in a hospital. A doctor came to see him, saying he was there to cure this man. But the man replied, “No, I have faith that God will heal me.” That doctor left. But another doctor soon arrived, promising to cure the man. The man said to this second doctor, “You can leave. I have my faith. God will heal me.” Two more doctors came to see the man that same day. This man sent each one away, saying the same to each. That evening the man died. Up in Heaven this man confronted God, “I had faith in you, and yet you let me die!” God calmly replied, “I sent you four good doctors. But you sent each one away.”


–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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