A Private Prayer

“You have cancer.”

A physician speaks these words and afterward I have watched patients react with anger, fear, anguish and despair.

I have also witnessed others respond with humility and heartfelt prayer.

Prayer can be very powerful. And very personal.

I am re-sharing below a post I wrote in another one of my blogs. It’s a true story. A moment I personally witnessed. An instance I can never forget.

I feel certain God, as well, has never forgotten this sweet private little prayer.
_ _ _

One evening at a wooded retreat hidden in the countryside I was seated in a little corner in a charming hand-built home, unseen by anybody. There were spiritual people there. College students, like myself, who were learning meditation. Hope in their lives. An increasing understanding of themselves and the divine.

A pretty young girl entered the room. She’d brought some food to share with everyone else. A small vegetarian meal she’d cooked by herself. Something she could add to a table that was already filled with other wonderful meals, plates, colorful glasses and pitchers of tea. Where everybody could see it and help themselves to it.

1 prayer

Still holding her small dish, this pretty young girl knelt down before a little prayer alter. Believing she was unseen by anybody, she closed her eyes, and offered a small prayer for the food she’d brought. A blessing.

2 prayer

In front of her was a photograph of Jesus and some saints. A tiny lit candle, a few flowers, in an otherwise dimly lit isolated setting.

3 prayer

One could hear from outside college students laughing, talking, helping themselves to the wonderfully delicious home cooked vegetarian dishes that had already been set out on a large rustic wooden table. It was night. Stars filled the tree filled sky.

4 prayer

However, in this little private setting in front of a candle and an alter, a pretty young girl was secretly offering a prayer for her food. Believing she was unseen by anybody. Hoping that someone that evening might feel a little God’s blessing while eating a meal she’d prepared. Thanking God that she could bring a little offering of her own. Something she could share with others.

I saw this. She never knew. But I’ve never forgotten. This private moment of prayer touched my heart deeply.

5 prayer

How one approaches the food one eats can often be how one heals from cancer.

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–  Hans Carl Clausen  –





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